Recruitment Guide

The following information provides a guide to our recruitment process for all positions.

The application and assessment process for positions is handled as quickly as possible. However, depending on the position, it may take up to two months to finalise and, in some cases, longer.

We do not have closing dates for positions unless clearly specified in any advertising. Positions usually remain open until sufficient interest from suitably qualified and experienced applicants is shown.

Full details for positions, including key requirements, are show on Current Positions. Additional information, including position descriptions and salary details may be provided for some positions.

To assist you to monitor the recruitment process, Current Positions contains a brief message on the progress of each position. Further details can be seen on the actual Position page.

Any queries for positions can be directed to either our Reception or the Recruitment Consultant assigned to the position (the consultant’s name is shown on the position page).

Once a position has been filled it will be listed on our website as being closed and you will be advised accordingly.

We understand that privacy in the recruitment process is paramount. Our Privacy Policy and Collection Statement are available on this website.

We are committed to providing a high quality recruitment service, that is beneficial to both our clients and applicants.

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Recruitment Guide