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North Coast Recruitment can provide employers with valuable assistance for the assessment and selection of suitable candidates during the recruitment process using a range of recognised tools and techniques including:

Computer-based skills testing

We offer a wide range of testing covering the Microsoft suite including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Project. Other testing offered covers accounting, bookkeeping, typing, data entry and a range of useful general knowledge tests applicable to a variety of workplace duties.

The testing can be arranged on-line or at our offices and results are available immediately upon completion.

Aptitude testing

We utilise a battery of cognitive ability tests developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research for the human resources industry. The following tests are utilised: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Spatial-Visual Reasoning and Mechanical Reasoning.

The testing is useful for the assessment of engineering and trade candidates including apprentices.

Behaviour / Temperament Profiling

North Coast Recruitment uses a recognised profiling tool, called the “McQuaig System”, that is aimed at assisting  to assess if a candidate is likely to possess the ideal set of behaviours / temperament traits required to succeed in a particular position. In addition,  this system is also valuable for staff coaching and development purposes.

The McQuaig System uses two main techniques, the “Word Survey” and the “Job Survey”. The word survey is a self appraisal technique that enables candidates to describe their behaviour / temperament traits. The job survey enables appropriate employer representatives to describe the ideal behaviour / temperament traits required for the position.

Detailed reports are available within 24 hours of completion of surveys and an in-house accredited consultant service is available to assist with the interpretation of reports.

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